🧠I Have always wondered what happened back then, that after a serious car accident, we landed on the roof, I, a woman, was not examined decently🧐. And as a result, a brain hemorrhage was overlooked. My complaints and my RETURN to the hospital, was just pushed aside.

🤕I had stated how severe my pain was. And since I am VERY used to pain (after all, I had over 35 years of severe, regular pain experience) my stating it was a 4 out of 10 was simply deemed “not that bad”. They did not know or QUESTION that I regularly experienced a 8-10 (prior to the Anthony William dietary change). 😵💫
🤷🏼. That is what is called gender gap or data gap. That is medicine UNaware of prejudice. 💊

It costs lives, I was lucky and had guardian angela 👼🏻 and my somatic abilities, my very well trained perception in nervous system matters. Against the advice of doctors, I did not take pain killers💊, did not drink ☕️ coffee. Certainly saved my life in the state of active brain hemorrhage.

I was used to pain close to fainting, regularly, knowing that would have been necessary to classify my “4”. Context is important. But there were also much more basic reasons why I was misdiagnosed. For example, the second time I presented to the hospital again, because my headaches weren’t going away and my head condition just wouldn’t get better, the person accompanying me, was listened to more than I was. he was a white man. Even when I protested🪧. I was asked if anything had changed in my speech pattern and I said yes, speaking AND thinking 💭 was slower. My buddy said that wasn’t true, he hadn’t seen me in 4 years…. and the doctor believed him and not me…. So my own perception didn’t count for anything! At a hospital.
😳When they then, 6 weeks later (!), after I had been laughed at 😆 by doctors, stamped as a hypochondriac 😵💫, stamped (like so many other times) as exaggerated and too sensitive 🤧, even in the preliminary examination to the said skull MRI, the doctor was suddenly very humble when he explained to me that I had had a brain hemorrhage, his words were: I had “survived”💀.

Why am I telling this? All this sexism has very tangible effects. It affects lives and partly it ends lives. If that’s not a reason to deal with it, I don’t know what is.

I feel miles better now. Thanks to my sensitivity, my abilities to deal with and communicate with my body AND the diet according to Anthony William.

But what if I hadn’t done applied vocal physiology by trade, if I hadn’t known how to help myself…possibly I wouldn’t be around now to tell the story⚰️.

Please tell your stories 📖 be brave and vocal 🎤. It’s important for you but also for those who come after you. Sounds totally cheezy🍔 but hey, living life is precious💎. Who has a voice, should use it 🗣. Change is possible, we need to create awareness.

I have helped people before said accident to come into change with sound and high vibrations💫. Co-creating change. I did empowerment work. Had been a practical feminist as I call it. I haden’t given that up. It just got new tools and new considerations. Meanwhile I know the fluidity of the brain 🧠 not only from books, I have experienced it.

Development and change is sooo possible and getting unstuck is possible. 💗
If you want to find your voice 🎙 if you long for high or higher vibration 😎 if you want to use crisis energy for transformation, contact me!
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My program ‘Transformationsss’ is for all who dare ⚡️to go deep, for those who want to get involved in it to try something new food-wise, is ‘Julia’s AW Starter Help’ with it. Because nutrition has more to do with voice, high frequencies and crises than most people think.

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To be authentically yourself?

💠Imagine standing up for yourself is effortless, almost casual.
👂🏻Imagine being heard is natural and effortless.
🦸🏻Imagine being allowed to be yourself in your own power, doing your thing effortlessly.
🗣Just be, with your voice, heard and noticed.
What would that be like for you? What would change for you?

You being the commitment, I’ll gladly go the journey with you. You’ll bring the courage, I’ll hold your hand and know my way  around your  high vibration (which is already in you).
Contact me if you also think that crises should be used. Don’t worry about your voice, let me do the my job and I can promise change. I am curious about you, what you bring with your special uniqueness,

love,  Julia

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