⚡️Heute early this morning I got a call. Whether I would like to direct a children’s choir at an elementary school. Yes, I said, I can do that.
But much better I could lead a creativity workshop💥. I could work on something with the kids in a performative way, using sound, language, voice, visual arts, play. Bring them into action themselves and not “just” into “imitation”.

That would be a mixture of theater education and music, she said. I meant, oh I rather call it music theater performance.
The little ones are 5 (!)⚡️, they just crack away at 14h (so sweet) and the big ones are 10 (just before puberty alarm)💥. Sogenante hotspot school. It’s been ages since I’ve done this. 17 years. Still in Düsseldorf. And I’m totally up for it. Just the other day I was thinking about what I’d like to do, and I thought “oh, working with kids again would be great”.
Voila! And now they just have to want me, the woman who does such “funny” things with the kids instead of rehearsing orderly children’s songs.

💥But I have so many arguments why that’s good: first, I’m not such a good choir director (there are really better ones) and second, it’s simply my strength to develop new things. With others. Also with kids.

⚡️Am I’m best with teens as far as projects go💥, I probably never got out of that mindset myself, haha, who knows. Anyway, working with teens is for me, almost like furnishing apartments, it’s full of homebase, relaxation and inspiration.

So may this accountability post be even more, my manifestation, my clear expression, yes I want to work with the big ones (9&10yrs.)I’m going to do it. ⚡️

1 year. Every week this unadulterated view of the world. Power, energy, seeing everything with fresh eyes. Into the forces of hope. Cultivating their creativity fields with the kids💥, nurturing and cherishing. Harvesting the fruits. With them. And as it usually is, from them. A picture of me as a 7 year old, as a reminder that almost 50, isn’t that much different than 10. Just a bit more experiences.
The other day I asked my mom (one of those questions where I actually know the answer, but want to hear it from the outside),
so I asked ⚡️warum kids are always so cool (honestly there are almost no umcool kids, the exceptions prove the rule)
but adults rather often extremely uncool. Then she said “adults just carry all this responsibility”, “and that makes them bitter?” I said, she nodded. “Kids just don’t have all this crap in their baggage yet” she said.

💥So into the game of speed (oh man, you have to be fast with kids, slow ones can pack it in), into power💥, directness💥, bluntness💥, honesty💥, authenticity💥 and so much more!
Will do me good. Now I hope that the educators also think: it’s good for the kids to do a school project, which is not konform⚡️, which is still unsicher⚡️ in its outcome, which is perhaps rebellious ist⚡️, perhaps also laut⚡️. With security also quietly (my nervous system will attach importance to it!).

Now I’ve knocked it out of the park. Got it written down. Manifested. Wrote out the intention. In front of the audience. Yes, I like being an educator. And I want to do the kids adventure again. 💥Here I go!

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