🥰Regelrecht celebrated my first LIVE course given today after this VERY long time of covid lockdown🦠, then music lockdown🎶, then fear lockdown🥺, then post fear lockdowns😷.

🤩Had a most wonderful group of women that made my day🥳. Tomorrow we will be working some more. Working those nervous systems🐝, with patience and love👩‍❤️‍👩, with mindfulness and realness🌈, with authenticity and all that sound👂. and emotional growth👣.

These women today warmed my heart🫀. I could not have wished for a more sensitive group, willing to open up and be BRAVE to reap the gifts 🎁 held by those moments we do not intend, but reveal depth and truth, some of it not even deliberate, showing inner truths🪆, hurtful but freeing. 🦋Letting go of old stuff, that long had been kept, even treasured, to help us ‘be’. But now we may let go, say thank you and take a step towards the new, unknown, shaky self. Showing itself in sounds filled 📯with light and richness💍, with drawn maps of our hearts and souls🔮. With sonographs of our organs 🏮telling a story of what could be. Now may be.
Sound, all our own, sown by us 🪡, stitching and mending what has been broken. Working those nervous systems, was a pleasure again. Doing that in groups is something special🎀, I had nearly forgotten…

🦄Gratitude filled the air. My heart needed this, again. Thank you! to this little, precious group of bold and gutsy women❤️‍🔥.

What did we do📍? We let our voices find their way🪶, we sounded🎤, with an open mind 🐉and open heart. Did somatic body work🧘‍♀️. Went where we most of the time, do not even know, we can go🏹. I lent my hand, my ears to hold that space 🧿in tears and laughter, in fear and trembling. May it be safe and sound🔥.
Lichtenberger® Method🐚 with my special twist, vocal training that touches the soul🏋️‍♀️, works with the nervous system with all the respect you can fathom. Applied vocal physiology. Trauma informed when needed💎. We let our mirror neurons💥 do their job, respect them, listen. Listen to the tiny rumblings 🎵and tremblings that may accure, the brilliancy and splendor🎻, practicing neutrality and curiosity. All to find our voices📢. Voices we mostly never thought we had. Surprising us💘, sometimes scaring us. Autheticity 🦚is not always an easy pill to swallow. In the end, gratitude fills the cup, the Holy Grail, that is our larynx. Making those sweet, powerful and amazing sounds. Yup, excited to go into day two of this course! After over 2 1/2 years⌛️ of not teaching voice in LIVE groups, this is a blessing🍾. I am counting! ❤️‍🔥THANK YOU!

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