‘Radical Love

– Premiere music by & with Julia Döbele –

13.9.22, 19:30, State Museum Württemberg Old Castle Stuttgart

Experimental, performative, a cappella, one voice, polyphonic, speech, singing, sound, noise, improvisation, duration approx. 30 minutes.

What can we do to counter the hate on the net and in the streets? Radical love! It is clear & honest, caring & true, powerful & strong, it sets boundaries & creates space.
If we let it, if we are brave, if we are committed.

A piece of music that takes on the challenge of making states of mind come true, bringing us into our power & into love. A challenge not only for the piece and the artist, but also for the listeners, the compassionate, the vibrating. If love is one, then vibration, oscillation. The field test and the invitation to come together in higher vibrations, to hold them and in the best case, to let them become retrievable, so that radical love can be lived and put into action.

Instruments: human voice & Boss RC-505 Loop Station

About the artist: Julia Döbele, singer from Stuttgart, Improfan, applied voice physiologist & voice coach, likes to move between genres & trades with her art. Her background is musically in jazz as well as classical music, pop culture, acting, word art, onomatopoeia etc. www.julies-voice.de

Inspiration for ‘Radical Love’:

Kübra Gümüşays (author, journalist, activist, feminist) talk & call for ‘organized love’, made famous by her TEDexBerlinSalon talk ‘organized Love’, in which she calls for organizing love, in private as well as public space, on the street as well as on the net.

Bühnfrei! Stones Collaboration of the Freie Tanz un Theater Szene Stuttgart and the Landesmuseum Württemberg


German Text translated with Deepl.com