February 11, 2021

This was a really difficult week. Struggling with a lot of emotions, with sadness, with shame and with a lot of lack of perspective. All nothing unusual at the moment. I always try to deal with it actively. I came out with more courage than I went in and that’s why I’m sharing this story with you today.

I have a very mixed relationship with my voice. I love it and at the same time it has brought me intense pain. I did a whole extra schooling because of my voice. That’s how important it is to me. With this training I found so much happiness again, so much joy! Of course, I wanted to share that. And while I was helping others to overcome their voice problems, I was struggling more and more with my body and its health. My strength was dwindling, and performing did not have any space.

Then something happened that singers may call an absolute disaster: I sang at the birthday party of a person dear to me and suddenly my voice just left me.

Oh, my God, I would have loved to have disappeared on the spot. But I couldn’t. I had to get through it. At that time, I didn’t understand what was going on, but I was going to understand it bit by bit. I was the one who was so great at helping others with their stricken voices, I was the one who knew how it could be done. And suddenly it didn’t work for me anymore. Disgrace! Looser, I heard my inner voice call out! It was simply my super failure!

After most of the people at this party politely overlooked my misconduct, a friend* took me in his arms. Thank you, you know who you are. 

This story is still painful for me today and it’s not at all easy for me to share this. But because I learned so much from it, I thought, someday I have to tell this to others. So that others can benefit from it.

On my search to become physically healthy again, I finally found Anthony William after many detours shortly after the mentioned super disaster. And slowly I understood why my voice had reacted the way it did, there was a connection between my huge exhaustion, my brain fog, the dizziness, so many other symptoms and my sudden loss of voice in the concert. It was the nasty little strep bacteria, amongst other things.

Strep causes sore throats, they cause sinus infections, they are very often the reason for hoarseness or even for the so-called loss of voice, as I had experienced at the birthday party. For me in particular, it is often the tonsils that are affected.

Phew, it was not because I had DONE something “wrong”, or did not have my technique sufficiently under control, or was not a good enough Lichtenberg teacher, it was because I had not known that streptococci are responsible for it AND especially how to FIGHT these little buggers.  What an RELIEF! Yea!

So what to do, when strep takes over hand and you are hoarse?

 -> Streptococci love the following foods, so please DO NOT eat these anymore:

Eggs, no matter what
dairy products and also no matter what
corn, gluten, canola oil pork also bacon and pork fat.

urgently reduce fat if possible, completely omit

What omitting fat can do? Here’s my story:

After the lifestyle change with  Anthony William, being able to take part in life again, I was also happy to be part of a beautiful production. At the end, just before the premiere, my voice became hoarse. Since I felt well otherwise, I thought I was simply overworked. But soon I got the idea to look into my throat, and lo and behold: the right tonsil was thick AND ulcerated, WITHOUT being red. I had already left out the above foods for a while, so I searched further: and found that I should leave out fat altogether. I did that and because I am also a stubborn person, after the next day the tonsils were smaller, I thought, “oh, a little piece of chocolate can’t hurt”… I ate it and poof, I felt the tonsil swell up. I looked inside and sure enough, it was thicker again. I packed the vegan chocolate away and gave it to my colleagues the next day. Of course I stayed fat-free until I had played the premieres, the performances and also the next project and all was well. My tonsils went to normal quickly and my voice was quickly back to its old self. Goodbey hoarseness! Best feeling ever! My Voice as trustworthy friend!

So, unfortunately, there are many reasons why one can become hoarse, or even, loose the voice BUT you can do something if you know what the REASON is! I find this  huge! And since I don’t want you to be denied this secret, I took my courage together and “outed” myself.

Yup, I am a human being and if streptococci gets too much of me, then also my voice can stay away. Thank God for Anthony William and his clever books. A must-know for singers,  because we all have strep. Now we know how to tackle it too. A gift! Voilá!

If you are looking for help with voice problems and have just been looking in vain, I am happy to be able to help you. With what I went threw and gotten over, I can safely say: we can do this. You don’t have to feel bad or even ashamed just because your voice isn’t doing what it should. Not even if you have propper voice training! I’ll accompany you with my experience and know so many tricks for your voice to remains your friend, just well again. We will find  trust, confidence and security together especially in relationship to your voice. #ItGetsBetter You too can feel relief, trust your voice completely and simply enjoy your voice again! There is HOPE!

I look forward to helping you!

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Contact me: info@julies-voice.de

PS: and here are by the way a few foods to fight Strep:

Celery Juice, Bananas, Berries,


Onions, Garlic, Ginger,

turmeric,cayenne pepper, raw honey 

oregano, thyme, barley grassJUICE powder (infos from Anthony William)


pic shows a chanterelle soup, with lots of strep fighting onions and garlic, yam! no fat!