One day a middle-aged man came and asked me for help. His masseur had recommended that he take voice training because he had shallow breathing due to severe tension, among other things. The masseur thought it could be useful to work on his voice.

He asked me to promise him not to push him to sing, because he  said he had neither talent nor desire. He would not sing! A tall, broad-shouldered man who reflexively bent slightly as he walked into my then small attic studio. He was very confident and had a firm and somewhat stiff gait. He had never learned an instrument and had never been in a choir. 

So we did a couple of lessons in which I made him sound, not sing. lala exercises I like to call them. Singing without singing. His voice was strong and big and had a lot of pressure. From time to time I asked him, if he wanted to join a choir (it’s such a good school and fun), his reactions were almost aggressive and although I’m really not squeamish with people, I thought at some point, “I’d better not ask anymore”.

After I had taken him by surprise a few times, to let him sing longer sounds, simply so that the nervous system has a little time to learn and he sang beautiful, big and massive sounds, I dared to ask him if he might not at least sing “properly” with me, if not in the choir. He agreed to this game and after a short time he sang Russian songs and his voice, which strongly reminded of Ivan Rebroff, resounded through the house. Then we went on to find opera arias. Everyone in the house always knew when he was coming to class and he grew a few centimeters taller with each new interpretation of a new piece. Even though he had already been that tall. Inner and outer size may sometimes adjust to each other.

He only came to regulate his breathing and soon he was singing arias. Long story short, he also came along to a choir project and had a lot of fun. After all, beautiful, powerful basses are a rarity.

Breathing had long since been sorted out. So the problem of breathing, tension (due to masseur and me), posture, his state of consciousness was complemented and transformed by the beauty of music. That’s how it was.

We still work together and I was allowed to get to know not only his beautiful, big voice, but his subtle presence, which, when he felt safe, became his best companion and helper.

I call my work “vocal gold digging” because I am like a gold digger, discovering, digging and polishing the hidden, always with the help, cooperation, engagement and curiosity of my clients. Can’t do it without them.

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I am happy to be able to help you! Because voice problems are my specialty and turning them into beauty is a pleasure for me.

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