Just had such a touching situation with a student. We where preparing for an audition and at the end of the session, it was suddenly hitting them, that the audition was only like 5 days away and so super soon. So they got really scared. I then tried to let them feel their feelings, let them cry and at the same time let them know and feel, how focusing on the task ahead was what we needed to do, not get swept away by all the doubt and fear because of that audition. Sometimes just breathing is good and enough.

To be honest, I do not have a master plan for these situations, I just sort of go with what I find and what I feel on the other side of the screen. I use my empathy and my experience to lend a hand and hope for the best. Of course I have all these Trainings and all, but when it comes down to it, it is my intuition, my empathy, my compassion, my experience that lead the way.
They said “You would be such a great therapist” and I had to laugh, because many say that, but I am glad I am a vocal coach, I get to do all that with MUSIC & ART. With the help of beauty.
We were able to dry those tears, laugh and learn a whole new set of skills in just one session. Now they will do the practicing part. Which is huge and so underrated.
Leaning and teaching music is so much more than just learning a task. It is learning about ourselves, about who we are as people and what we want to be and what we rather not want to be and also what we will become. It is learning about our fears and hopes, about yearnings and desires and about our body and its needs and abilities. So whenever you want to really improve yourself as a human, learning and doing music is really such a great way, and it comes with fun, laughter, tears and melancholy and so much more. Especially beauty. Who wouldn’t want to learn with beauty on the side.

Those are the moments I love teaching: when a kid in front of me, learns to accept themselves a tiny bit more, just the way they are, accepts the person they are becoming. Those are grand moments. And nowadays even go across oceans and online. pretty rad!