A few years ago a colleague came to me who, like me, didn’t have a linear biography, had studied painting but was now earning his money as a pianist and was also a multi-instrumentalist. He was preparing for his first solo recital and also spending time in the studio for his new project: piano and vocals and although he had done so much, a solo program was a first for him. So he immediately brought a few requests and also not very much time.

His issue was an underlying dry cough that liked to creep up on him when he sang and was especially troublesome in the high notes. He wanted to have that changed. Doctors had not found any answers to this and because time was pressing, he came to see me.

He was a quick learner and responded well and openly to all my offers. So we worked on perception, imagination and body awareness. Imagination always seemed to me, to run particularly smoothly with people who had dealt with the fine arts in their lives.

So we concentrated on perception and body and went bit by bit, hour by hour one step further. Away from a sound that only sat in front and strained it, away from the mouth and more into the body, into body perspeption. Quickly we also got to deep-rooted feelings and tears flowed. We worked on pulse and pulsation, ergonomic issues related to piano playing, self-care, “how do I sit well, what do I need to feel myself while playing?”

Soon we were able to get to the higher pitchet places. We only worked together for 5 sessions, but at the end he gave me a CD and the flyer for his premiere. We had given his voice more ease and the scratchy throat had gone. Now there was more and more varied vibration allowed and singing was no longer the “opponent” of the piano playing, but it clearly began to live the togetherness, especially when the head spaces were now allowed to find themselves with their overtones in the piano, even mirrored.

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