I’m planning my first vacation in 7 years. For me, it’s relatively normal that vacations are rare. The way my colleague reacted when we made appointments showed me: it is rather unusual to take vacations at such long intervals.

That got me thinking. Am I wrong, did I do something wrong that I didn’t get this done sooner? A lot of self-doubt. I tend to be someone who doubts herself first and then others anyway. Maybe you know that too, that self-doubt comes first. Because I reflect so many years, but also came a few answers that I would now like to share with you.

7 years ago, in March 2016, just before Easter, I was on vacation, visiting my friend:in the US, on the second evening, we had just enjoyed a wonderful dinner. Babaganoush and other delicacies of the near east at our favorite restaurant on Carpenter Rd, Palm Palace , on the way back to chat at a friend’s place into the night, to catch up, a young man hit the car we were sitting in. Full broadside. A. and I were turned around together with the car once and we landed on the roof of the car.

At that moment I had only one thing in mind: ‘hold on to everything and don’t let go. This can not be the end of it.’ I clutched my bag and tightened my knees. A. was steering the car and since she had never experienced such an accident, she asked me what had happened when we were hanging upside down in the car like that. I told her that we had been hit by a car and asked if she could still move her arms and legs. She answered in the affirmative, and I let her demonstrate.

I don’t remember so much of that event. Moments and Snipits. I had traveled to the USA because I was very homesick. My friends were my high school pals. Easter was a time when I could and some were visiting in my old hometown of Ann Arbor. For most are scattered across this great country USA. I was also really looking forward to some time off, because my physical situation, had deteriorated greatly in 2015, I was getting weaker and weaker and had more and more symptoms.

This last vacation was then unfortunately not the longed for time off. It was a break. I had suffered an undetected cerebral hemorrhage, which I still had to deal with. On top of all the symptoms that were already there.

7 years is a developmental period, a long distance, children develop their nervous system amongst other things in big 7 year steps. Developments often take place around the seventh year. It is not for nothing that in the past school enrollment was at 7, entry into an apprenticeship at 14 or coming of age at 21. So somehow 7 year segments have a meaning. I had big accidents around that seven year “anniversary”.

Such incisions challenge us all and you have surely experienced comparable things and know how important it is to use these chances so that problematic things can change into beautiful things. But often we have to be out of the woods first to recognize our victories.

So when my colleague was amazed that I hadn’t taken a vacation in such a long time, I realized that it was a really long time and especially because I had been looking for peace and quiet and then had been given tasks instead of rest. Such moments are important because we get out of our hussle and realize what we have already accomplished. I am quick to compare myself with others. You know that’s not a good idea. Not only because we don’t know the struggles of others, but because our paths are so different. But hey, it’s human to do it.

So what does this have to do with Easter, with resurrection? What does it have to do with you? Easter whether we are Christian or not is a way to reflect where we have resurrection forces in us, where we can see them in us, whether in the present or the past. These resurrection forces are, I think, closely related to hope forces. Hope is something that makes us do. Hope is getting up anyway. Hope is making us start over. In the darkest times, hope makes us take the next step. Hope is believing in ourselves, in the future, in possibilities, in our dreams. For me personally, hope is an anchor and one that I almost never lose.

At this time, as it has probably been since I have memory, hope is necessary to go on. Wars, inhumanities, Frontex, electricity prices, gas prices, inflation, job situations, health. All of that takes a lot of hope power. For me, this power is youthful. Because young people often “just have it.” Why is that? For me, hope has a lot to do with the soul and its power. Power in the will, the ego power. Anthony William said the other day that hope is part of the soul. That made a lot of sense to me. Hope can’t die. It can be buried, but not broken.

What’s the moral of the story:

Hope, faith, belief in oneself, in one’s own abilities, in the good in the world, in the good in people, in the powers of good, in possibility, in justice, in opportunity, simply that the future is not fixed, but that we have the possibility to usher in change. To stand up again. To stand up. It is clear that many things cannot be changed easily, and it is usually not a walk in the park, but this power of hope, it can be like a flame that keeps us going. That heats us up when we need it.

I really have a lot of experience with this flame, with the fire of hope. My own life has been full of ‘trials’, experiences that have shown me that I have good access to the fire. In my work with people whether in teaching or also in coaching for voice and meaning crises, my connection to hope plays a supporting role. I lend it. Should it ever be lost and I help to find ways where you can find your hope again.

The only condition is that you commit yourself completely, total commitment.  That is what you bring, I bring the rest.

So if you have issues with your voice, whether you have a vocal training or not, if you have breathing problems, if a cold has left you hoarse, if you want to tackle life goals and jump over your hurdles and not suffer this alone and long, contact me, I know that with you I can turn problems into beauty and lightness. Together it is possible. What are you waiting for?!

This year I’m not only celebrating 7 years without a vacation 😉 but I’ve been doing this job in voice coaching for an incredible 25 years. Yes, I can hardly believe it myself, but that’s how it is. So I have a little bit of experience 😉

And if you say, hey, I can’t afford that, feel free to contact me, I’m sure we’ll find a way, because currently there are still a few scholarships available. And I currently have spots available again!

Take a heart, I’m looking forward to meeting you!

A thousand hopeful greetings,


Translated with DeepL