Since reading the first Book by the Medical Medium,

Anthony William, I have been touched deeply and new, this was my way to get better. Now it has been over 4,5 years (already) and I am blown away, if the improvements I ave been able to experience. So very gratful for that.

If I would have only listened

to the doctors and practitioners I was with, I would be an invalid by now, since they told me, they were out of choices and told me to get a spot in a care home. Not forgetting all the shame and victim blaming, because so many of my symptoms (not going to list them, they filled 3 Pages) where unexplainable to them, so they must be in my head or even worse, I was thinking bad thoughts, and hence was getting my pay-off.

I did not listen to the ones, taking away my spark of light, my super power hope and just being able to taking my friggin anger and transform it into energy to help myself.
Right now, I am listening to Anthony’s new book “Brain Saver”. And even as I was totally touched and connected by the first book, this one is probably the most mind boggling information, he has let out there. If you have any kind of fatigue, forgetfulness, concentration issues, dizziness, legs that feel like lead filled etc, I urge you, read that book (plus book 2 Brain Saver with great recipes), it just might change your life.
Because of my health and mainly my work, I have been into brain physiology and scientific info about the brain for years. The brain is one of the most blank pages in the scientific book. Respektable scientists know. I am a big fan of science in its true and original idea. Knowing its limits. These infos might not be proven yet, but they make SO MUCH SENSE and puzzles pieces come together.
I have come from a Bell 30 to now a Bell 60-70 with doing Anthony’s protocols. With a diagnosed desease that is officially not treatable and not curable. So I say, even if you fear the source of the information (a medical medium, the Spirit of Compassion that give AW the info he promotes), go try it. It is so worth it. I was very skeptical myself, but I did have an mediate connection when finally reading the first book. After knowing about AW, it did take me 2 years to actually read it. My biggest excuse was my brain injury (hemorrhage) but also my skepticism.
And do not think, it is but a placebo. If that were true, so many from my ME/CFS community could get at least a bit better, and not suffer alone, in rooms with the shades down, not able to speak etc. I was very well versed in imaginative trauma therapy, in self awareness, in gratitude practices, body work, mediation, somatic body work etc pp. I did not get better with these techniques, I got better with AW protocols. So give yourself a New Years gift and read his new book (or any one)! It is so worth it.
Stay healthy, joyous and creative in 2023 and don’t forget, the unthinkable is only unthinkable, because you say so.

I’m going to take a nap now 🥰