I posted this in 2012. 10 years ago. It is like the essence of me. I confronted and confront myself a lot. Doesn’t mean that I am perfect. Far from it. Doesn’t mean, I am always right or act perfect, nope. It just means, I am all about going towards the future by reflecting the past, my actions and thoughts. Looking ahead.

Even my work, be it with me making my own music (ænee) or with teaching voice & coaching, it is ALWAYS about confronting with what IS.

Just recently a student of mine was mad at me, because I kept asking questions (which is what I do in class) and they told me off. I just kept quiet and let them speak. Speak out the words that needed to be said. For them to conclude with the words:

„Weisst du, es ist ganz schön anstrengend so mit sich selbst konfrontiert zu werden!“

„You know, it’s pretty exhausting to be confronted with yourself like that!“

I let that just sit there. No comments needed. No comments asked for. No comments called for.

Sit with what is. Precious.

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