Often I get asked, what exactly is it, that you do in your work when coaching?

That’s a great question and to be honest, it is not easy to answer, something that is something I ask myself as well. Of course I know the techniques I use, somatic body work, analytical hearing, applied vocal physiology, the Lichtenberg®, I draw from my experience of over 20 years as a vocal coach, from my artistic work, and my great experience of therapeutical methods. But what exactly do I do?

many of my blog posts are me trying to answer that question. So sorry, if it takes so many perspectives, but it is such diverse work.

Today I’d like to tell a story that shows that part of my coaching which one could call personality training. I remember a young woman, she came to see me many years ago. All she wanted was to learn to sing a bit better. I remember the moment she was sitting infant of me, elegant, fragile, a lovely smile on her lips, with a serenity I seldomly see with young people. When seh sang and I heard her angel like voice, I remeber asking myself “what am I supposed to teach her, it is already so beautiful!” There she sat, an angel, with no care in the world.

She really wanted to be tough by me and I was happy to teach her. Who doesn’t love to work with voices, where you can easily start with difficult pieces. What pure joy!

Only 2 weeks pasted and my question, why she had come, was answered. A very hard fat struck her. Suddenly all her carefreeness was challenged, and she fought like a lioness, first for her partner’s life, then for her autonomy. Soon it would be obvious, that this one hour a week with me, was the only time she had any time to herself and her needs. She had come with only light baggage and had a huge load strapped on and our work together, working on jan, voice and self worth. All this let her leave her transformed and full of drive and energy. 

So one of the answer, what I do in my coaching work, would be: I company people in life crises. With what: with beautiful music, with love, with respect and compassion. And of course all those techniques, I got the chance to practice for so many years. One may practice to stop devaluing oneself with me, to accept oneself, to accept ones powers and ones weaknesses, very pracical and so many times just “on the side”. But I’m gonna tell that story another time.

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