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Giving Thanks 



It has been about 2,5 years and I have been on this bumpy healing road. Two steps forward, one step back they say. Truth to that. I could lament on how terrible those steps back are (and believe me, they are) but today, I feel the need to look at the steps forward.

I have been struggling with symptoms for over 15 years now. So many and so numerous, that when I once tried to summ them up, they filled three pages of stationary printed….about 2,5 years ago, my MD told me to get myself aquatinted with the idea of being cared for, to need a nursing home. To think of filing early retirement.

After crying and going into the pain I remembered a book I had heard about. Anthony William, “Medical Medium”. I dared to read it, being spiritual information, I had been cautious. Did not want to fall for some money making machine. But I was so mad at the MD telling me to “stop living my life” (right before she left the room and left me to myself) that I dared to go that step. Another MD helped by mentioning how medically sane so much information had been in that book, how it impressed him, that some one without a medical degree, could describe medical, biological stuff so well.

I sat there, crying a lot, while reading a book, that basically seemed to have been written just for me. I was not crazy! I was not imagining pain 24/7, I was not thinking the “wrong” thoughts and hence drawing the sickness into my life (!), I was not in need of extra therapy sessions or a new shrink to get over this! It was amazing to read words I had not dared to think out loud to myself. 

I started the suggestions immediately. Worked myself into the protocols (that are vast), step by step. Coming from so many other life style changes and food protocols, that went pretty fast.

It only took me like 4 months to get over the first big hump. Then, last year, I was able to take part in two stage productions, next to my main (remaining freelance) gig as a voice teacher. I actually managed well. That in itself was miraculous.

Yes, it is not a straight line of recovery, but, here I am, coming out of this. Step by step. MDs being speechless about all sorts of remissions. Some just commenting with things like: “Oh, sometimes this happens, it is very seldom, but it happens”…

I know why this happened. Cuz I totally changed how I eat and I drink celery juice on an empty stomach (total game changer) and have yummy detoxing smoothies.

I know, many of you will be super irritated. I was too! But since I have quit protocols at times or have stepped out of protocols eating stuff I should not have eaten, I know, this is not a mindset change in itself, I get my symptoms back, when I start eating certain food again (also when I do not know of it). 

Is it always fun and games: no. Of course not!

But: I need not be perfect. I just need to give my body what it needs and remember what I want to be able to do in my life. Living life, taking part in life, working, all that is worth learning to adapt a new way of life. 

If it get’s hard, I ask myself, if I want to have those pains back or if I want to be immobile again or so many other things. It is so, so worth it! And I know friends of mine, who have been at dinner parties of mine, know, it is yummy too 



So this is like a cha-cha, my dance to get my life back and right now is the time to thank Anthony William for writing all those books (there are more).

And believe me, if I can do this pretty ok, any one can. But I might tell that part of the story some other time. 

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