Mai 6 2021
Do you know the feeling when you’ve been out down town or around people on a joyous occasion and instead of feeling full of energy, you feel drained, tired, limp and lacking of energy?

I noticed this with myself years ago and always wondered what I could do about it.  I suppose it can be explained in the same way that we immediately find each other likable or unlikeable, which in turn our mirror neurons manage for us. We are not really separate from each other. Yes, we can protect ourselves with masks from saliva and from aerosols, not 100% but, good enough. But energy, as it is exchanged by the mirror neurons, it has no limits.

If we consider that we are, what physics have been telling us for a long time, made of energy, the air between us is also made of energy, then we “touch” each other all the time, so to speak.

I was even allowed to observe this phenomenon online. I very thankfully noticed, only after one week, just like face2face/ in person sessions, I have an actual physical reaction when teaching online:  releasing reflexes happen, when patterns in the tissue of my counterpart dissolve. My bodily nervous system responds to the other person’s nervous system. Phew, was I relieved when I realized that.

But I was also able to observe this with clients of mine, who had told me that they sometimes felt particularly tired and drained after telephone calls, but also after Zoom conferences. If I think further about the physical theory that everything is energy, then this may also happen when we only meet online. At least we can observe the results. Even if there is no scientific explanation here yet.

So if we have changed all the parameters that ensure a signal transmission as effortless as possible (e.g. that we hear our own voice well and the voices of the other people on the “other side” – external mic and good headphones – check), then it remains to be clarified:

Are there ways to balance one’s own energy?

I can happily say: yes!

The first time I used a protection technique on myself, I had a blatant experience: I used the protection egg and went down town on a Saturday (before Rona). Already when I went out of the house, the passers-by-ers took a lot of distance to me. In Königstrasse (downtown for non locals) I walked down the street completely undisturbed, always with minimum 1,5m distance to the others, completely without having changed anything, in my appearance or how I behaved. I had all the space in the world, in a crowded pedestrian zone!

When I had done my errands, I went home and arrived with so much more energy than I had ever known before. That was a huge difference from before. Otherwise, going to town was always a huge energy drain for me. Most of the time, I was jostled, downright overlooked, and by the time I got home I was as exhausted as if I had been doing endurance sports. Not this time!

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Imagination plays a big role here. We can remember that it is the same for the brain if we actually experience something or if we imagine it. We know this from research on trauma work by Luise Reddemann, among others, who has had and continues to have much success with her ‘Immaginativ Trauma Therapy’. Just consider it possible. You don’t have to believe in it or understand it completely, just hold it possible, that’s the start.

I wish you a lot of fun experimenting!

for example:

– The protective egg
– salt
– string cutting

Just to name a few. You choose. Play with it.
What is your favorite? Write it to me!

love, joy and transformation , Julia