vocal coaching 1:1,  face to face & online

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try out lesson:
a voice lesson  to get to know me and my work
ca 45 Min/75,-€

single lessons:
50Min /90,-€
cancelations 48 hrs in advance 

5x50Min 425,-€
10x50Min 800,-€
cancelations 48 hrs in advance 

semester tickets:
2 wöchentlich 112,-€/mtl. (50Min. mind. 9 Termine im Semester)
1x wöchentlich 210,-€/mtl.  (50Min. mind. 18 Termine im Semester)
2x wöchentlich 390,-€/mtl. (50Min. mind. 36 Termine im Semester)
3x wöchentlich 540,-€/mtl. (50Min. mind. 54 Termine im Semester)

Semesters start Apr.1 / Oct.1 and end March 31 / Sept. 30 notice period is  6 weeks to the end of semester peroiod. Starting any time possible. Semester contract cancelations is 1 week in advance.

If you wish other modalities, please feel free to contact me!

Please cancel all classes on time and via celly (+49-178-553 70 88) thank you!
Except my US clients, they may use email, thank you!

My prices are based on the Honorarstandards (fee standards) of my business association, the Deutscher Tonkünstlerverband.
1.1.2021 (all other offerings become invalid)

Psychokinesiology-Sessions, to get rid of blockades
90,-€/ 60 min, billing in 15 minutes intervals 


1.1.2021 (all other offerings become invalid)


single classes.:
50Min/ 90,-€

5x50Min 425,-€

Since Coupons are being sent via Saale male, I kindly ask you to make your request not too short notice, thank you very much!

1.1.2021 (all other offerings become invalid)

Small Groups (up to 3 people):

please give me a call, or pm me and I will gladly make you an appropriate offer  49-(0)711-997 893 68

1.1.2021 (all other offerings become invalid)

please call me, I am happy to make you a personal offer, suiting your needs +49(0)711-997 893 68

reduced fees/scholarships:
people living in financial difficult situations, e.g. students, are able to apply for funding individually and (with verification) according to my timely possibilities, please ask me priar to the appointment. Applicatoions for scholarships for the gifted, are to be submitted personally and in writing. Requirement is a lesson with Julia Döbele.

supporters & sponsorship for scholars:
make sure young and talented people are getting a scholarship! With a one time donation or a monthly payment, you are aking sure, young people are able to get high class vocal training according to their talents, despite their financial situation.

appointments: please make sure to cancel on time and by calling  (+49(0)178-553 70 88). All other price lists are invalid from now. 

location:  Klingestr.37, 70186 Stuttgart

contact: +49(0)711-997 893 68

1.1.2021 (all other offerings become invalid)