This is the facade of the Main Train Station in Stuttgart, if any one is wondering. It is under protection of historical buildings, and has been totally changed for a few years now.

That big change is one of the biggest construction sights in all of Europe at the moment. The project is called Stuttgart 21 and is changing the train station from a dead-end-station to a transit-station and has had and still does one of the biggest civil protests against it.

The facade breaking like that is telling so many stories. The story of covering up much, especially of that construction project which is more about the profit of a few than the good of a community.

It is the image of a facade literally breaking, falling apart and exposing the truth, which is, that there is basically nothing left, from a building that should be protected from destruction by laws that conserve historical buildings And obviously is not. Where every where else in the city, where these laws pertain to private people, they have to go to great lengths and costs to obey these laws.

Also it shows a piece of sky. I decided that was a good thing. Truth, sky, same, same. Especially on a sunny day.

And for those, who do not know the musical reference here, this is the a song that is called „A Piece of Sky“, that I LOVE and used to be somewhat an anthem of my early youth. Having a piece of sky, is sometimes the rim to hold to. A piece of sky. Here you can listen to it on Youtube