via vocal work, coaching on ones own sound to a fulfilled life 

personality & life coaching via voice training and body work – we let the voice be our compass, be it in privat life or in business, on the way of finding a new goal, the meaning of life, the one essential thing, in order to find one self.
self awareness and mindfulnesss being the basis for my vocal work leading to your personal goals.
certified by the Lichtenberg® Method.
the voice leading towards authenticity
applied voice physiologogy, body work, and somatic recource and experience work.
stress prevention and relaxation e.g. via vocal-psycho-kinesiology
vocal developement is always personality devepoment and vice versa, the voice never lies
beauty being the lead in personality coaching and life developement: in every one person there lies a voice, whoms beauty needs to be discoverded!

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