Five stories by protagonists of the artworld 
Me and JUST invite you to join a discussion with the guest artists. What is the infrastructure like that makes up the life of artists? What roles plays art funding, copy right or the KSK ( = Germany has the unique situation of having a health care, pension and social care plan for freelance artists)? What is artistic work worth? How may a future look and how are we to evaluate current survival possibilties of artists? 

Further guests will be: Württembergischer Kunstverein, Baden Württembergischen Tonkünstlerverband an Pop Büro Stuttgart. Every one living from and with art, artists and of course their friends are welcome to join! After the presentation of the artists, we are welcoming every one to join the discussion. 

Julia Döbele,
singer and vocal coach, Stuttgart, host fo the evening.

Markus Hassold, drummer, music producer and lawyer, Stuttgart
Matthias Hornschuh, composer for film, tv, radio and theater, Köln, founder of  mediamusic e.V., lecturer
Andreas Hykade, animation cinema (Film Bilder),lecturer (Filmakademie Baden Württemberg and Harvard University)
Markus Rennhack, gituarrist (unloved), works at KickTheFlame Musikverlag, political science MA, Leipzig
Diethard Sohn, artist (paining), Stuttgart

thanks for supporting the evening:
Tonkünstlerverband Baden-Württtemberg
PopBüro Stuttgart
We Cab
Filmakademie Ludwigsburg


Foto: Hannelore Kober

Presse zum 6.6.14