Fotos: Charlotte Fischer

…coaching, lessons, advanced training  & business training, development, be it in music or personally, job wise, mentally, spiritually or on a physical level. To achieve all that, I offer my expertise and accompany you on a very personal and individual level.

voice training

applied vocal training for speaking or singing voice

singing lessons

licenced by the Lichtenberg® Method (funktional Method by Gisela Rohmert)

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legal disclaimer:
My work is training, prevention, vocal hygiene, coaching, authenticity training, anti stress work, stress prevention, vocal-psycho-kinesiology, health coaching, vitalisation, life coaching, it does not replace the visit to a medical doctor, a phoniatrition, a psychiatrist, a psycho therapist or alternative practitioner (Heilpraktiker). I do not claim to be a healer, do not claim to practice medical healin (all according to german law). My clients visit me on acting upon empowering their own responsibilty, supporting and emphasising this responsibilty is part of my work.