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voice training for the singing voice

Applied vocal physiology, according to the Lichtenberg® model. Voice training for the singing voice, with work on sound for a healthy singing voice

Are you very interested in sound quality?
Do you often experience hoarseness despite qualified training or do you struggle with ‘too’ high notes?
Do you sing in a choir, a band or in the shower and want to develop your voice?
My work, based on functional voice training, the Lichtenberger® method, starts with the natural conditions of the voice-forming organs in order to use them productively – so that we sing with, not against, our bodies. The aim of this work is to achieve outer calm with inner vitality, freedom and lightness, a greater range and more vocal volume. The lessons are suitable for beginners and advanced singers.

training for the speaking voice

by working on texts and poetry
Would you like more strength and stamina in your voice, are you plagued by hoarseness or would you like a more naturally attractive voice? Do you need your voice every day at work or at university and wish you had more presence? Would you like to embark on a path of self-discovery with your voice?

If you answer ‘yes’ to at least one of these questions, you’ve come to the right place!

Using the Lichtenberger® method, applied vocal physiology, we will address the questions and wishes you bring with you in individual lessons or in small groups. With the help of individually selected exercises, we will explore the potential of your voice, deepen your self-awareness and bring you closer to your vocal desires step by step. The lessons are suitable for beginners and advanced singers.


Singing lessons for amateurs based on vocal physiology aspects (functional model according to Gisela Rohmert)


Body awareness and somatic resource and experience work
Carrying capacity and vocal placement
Vibrational behavior and intonation
Expansion of the vocal range
Voice training for all styles
Stylistic expression
Perception of sound parameters
Microphone work Work on repertoire:

Pop music, jazz, musicals, funk, soul, rock, classical music and more
Interpretation of songs
Preparation for concerts
Development of a repertoire
Preparation for auditions and image consulting
movement and sense of rhythm
Stage presence
Band coaching



People often come to me looking for help at very short notice to prepare for a casting, an audition, an event.
This calls for an EXTRA OFFER, for a Julia solution:

My offer:
The sessions with me are all no less than 75 minutes, usually they are 90 minutes, sometimes more, there is no fixed time limit, as it is individual, depends on the material to be worked on and the topics that someone brings along. Write me and we will find the right offer tailored specifically to you. For you to master that casting with your full potential and with a secure feeling. To get to know me, book an online appointment for 0,00€. Of course, this coaching sessions are also available online.


TESTIMONIALS voice training

“After 12 readings over 4 days, not a trace of hoarseness. Thank you, Julia Döbele ♥” Tina Zang, author


“Highly recommended for anyone for whom it is important to work effectively with their voice.Julia Döbele accompanies the development of your own voice in an appreciative, loving and sensitive way and ensures a sustainable, mindful and holistic experience.Great!” Daniela Röcker

Great lessons with an incredibly empathetic and experienced teacher :)” Katrin Herdle




Corporate Workshops
For managers, employees and specialists in companies, from the areas of: Marketing, sales, PR public relations, training, customer service, education, etc. -> more authenticity, self-confidence and presence. Promotion of mindfulness, appreciation, perception, intuition, empathy, team building and energy.

Women* & queer empowerment with voiceVoice training – voice and presence, in a work or private context with a focus on applied voical physiology, gender-specific issues from an intersectional feminist perspective (more information below).

Open seminars
For all privately interested people, bands, choirs, ensembles, acting groups – both speaking and singing voice. Individually bookable or my regular offer of seminars, e.g. at Forum3 in Stuttgart.


WOMEN* & QUEER EMPOWERMENT & feminism & vocal work

Voice is probably the most personal thing we constantly share with others. Applied vocal physiology offers us the opportunity to take a new, unbiased look at ourselves, to learn to see (and hear) ourselves in a new way, to resort judgments, to discard devaluations, to discover beauty and to experience the pleasure of sound. The system’s own organizing mechanisms help us to shed old patterns and get to know our true core. To be the person we are. Development with joy.

My voice & presence courses for LGBTTQIA*, women and non-binary people can focus on work or life contexts and are always characterized by gender-specific questions and intersectional, queer feminist perspectives. Applied vocal physiology offers helpful scientifically based questions and exercises and the neutrality and composure that we may lack in the voice and directs the way.

Holding space and creating space are my profession. Holding space for grief, pain and anger is important to me. Guiding the body and soul system into peace and inner vitality, even in times of unrest, is an integral part of my work. Somatic bodywork and a great deal of practical knowledge in dealing with psychological trauma, my basis. Because the nervous system I work with tells the stories, and I am the one who is in exchange with the nervous system. Those who have the courage to go through deep and subtle developments can look forward to a respectful and mindful space.


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pricing VOCAL CLASSES face to face & online

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trial lesson:
45 Minutes 55,-€*
trial package:trial package  179,-€*
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*applicable for everyone who has not yet experienced my vocal work

every other week 115,-€/mthly. 
1x week  216,-€/mthly. now fo r 189,-€/mthly**

***valid for the first year, thereafter the current prices apply, valid while stocks last.

singel lessions:
50Min /92,-€

No minimum number of lessons. Cancellations at least 48 hours before the agreed date.


5x50Min 438,-€
10x50Min 825,-€

Cancellations at least 48 hours before the agreed date

If you wish other teaching modalities, please just ask, thank you!


Audition Fast Track one on one:
1 session 75-90 Min/ 166,-€
3 session 75-90 Min/ 496,-€
5 session 75-90 Min/ 820,-€


Please cancel appointments in time, thank you! 0178-5537088

Social fee: please ask about the possibilities. The general terms and conditions of Julia Döbele apply.

My prices are based on the fee standards of my professional association, the Deutscher Tonkünstlerverband.

Status 1.3.,2024 (all other price lists hereby become invalid)


Vouchers for lessons:

Single lesson:
50min/ 92,-€

5x50min 438,-€

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Status 1.3.,2024 (all other price lists hereby become invalid)


My work is training, prevention, voice hygiene, counseling, authenticity training, de-stressing, stress prevention, voice psycho-kinesiology, health coaching and revitalization, it does not replace a visit to a doctor, phoniatrist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist or alternative practitioner. I do not practise the art of healing and make no promises of healing. My clients visit me on their own responsibility, and strengthening this personal responsibility is a focus of my work. (back)