I offer a range from jazz to pop- or spirutual music, matching your festivitiy or wake, intimate and contemporary. I am bookable as a singer only or with a  whole combo, for instance with a piano player and of course also as a host and/or publc speaker for your event. A passion of mine is being the art auctionator at your art auction. I am happy to help bring a bout the perfect atmosphere to your event, be it with music or hosting, or both. I am at home with  jazz standards,  à cappella improvisations, the latter with my alter egos Amy, Louis, Billy and Jill with the help of my lovely looping machine are my new friends.


give me a call: Julia Döbele, 0711-997 893 68

sound samples

All songs sung by Julia Döbele, except *J.Döbele & H.Grassegger, **J.Döbele & J.Brunsch & F.Bopp (Short People), °music: PHO (Permanent Hang Over: F.Lumma/A.Bargel/O.Frye/J.Döbele ), lyrics: J.Döbele, °°music: si gira (F.Kresse/F.Wolfrum/H.Grassegger/M.Schreiner/J.Döbele), lyrics: J.Döbele, °°°music:  B.Gashi/J.Döbele, lyrics: J.Döbele, °°°°Volkslied, Brasilien