My seminars for businesses are a possibility for you and your employees to prepare for the various requirements needed when dealing with clients. The functional voice training is a source of authenticity, self-confidence and presence. My work promotes awareness, appreciation, perception, intuition , empathy, team work and energy.

When ever  being on the phone, having conversations with customers, holding lectures, trainings, presentation or while teaching – the voice and the presence connected with it, are important for a forth coming of a a career – an energetic, pleasant-sounding, untiring and confident voice is a big plus.

Example for a Seminar: 9 seminarhours spread over two days, in a small group of 6 to 7 participants as an inhouse schooling. The number of participants is limited to 7 people, in order to be able to work with each participant thoroughly. Previous knowledge is not needed.
 Seminars for executives, employees and professionals,who need to use their voice at work and to whom speaking and presentations are of importance, e.g. marketing, sales,PR, trainings and customer service etc.

Gladly I will discuss seminar posibilities for your business in detail, in order to make my seminar offer fit your needs and requests.

It is possible to book me for speaking voice seminars only or seminars for the singing voice or either in combination.

Contact: +49-(0)711-997 893 68