Fotos: Charlotte Fischer

business seminars

for executives, employees and professionals in companies working in areas like: marketing, sales, public relations, training, customer service, education, etc. -> more authenticity, self-confidence and presence. Promoting awareness, appreciation, perception, intuition, empathy, team building and energy.

open seminars

à la cart for or all personaly interested parties, bands, choirs, ensembles, drama groups – both speaking and singing voice. Booked individually or you can attend any of my open seminars.


at the Forum 3 in Stuttgart, registration and  informations  with Forum 3

phone: 0711 4400749-77


notice: seminars in german speaking context require some knowlede of the german language, I am able to do indivuel work in english, but am not able to tranlate during the entire seminar, because it hinders the context. If you have an only english speaking group, booking me in an business- or opens seminar setting, is always a great alternative for a contet and successfull outcome. Happy to accommodate you! 0711-997 893 68