vocal training licenced by the Lichtenberg® Method

vocal development with the speaking voice, through work on poetry and narrative.

You’re wishing for a more stronger or more energetic voice, you are fighting hoarseness of voice or you wish for a more naturally attractive one? You need your voice at work or college and you are wishing for more vocal presence. You wish go on a soul search via vocal work? If you are answering any one of these questions with a yes, I am the one to be working with! Inspired by the Lichtenberg® Method, we will devote practice time to your individual needs and expectations. Through voice exsploration and commitment to enhancing your self-perseption, you will make strides towards your vocal goals. Classes are suitable for beginners and advanced levels.

vocal development with the singing voice, through work on sound in order to enhance vocal health and beauty:

You are experiencing hoarseness or problems with high notes, even though you had qualified schooling? You sing in a choir, in a band or in the shower and you want to develope your singing voice further?  The funcional vocal development (Lichtenberg® Method) starts off at the function of organs and its natural performance, so that we may sing (along) with the natural functions of our body, not against those functions. Exterior calmness amidst inner liveliness, freedom and ease, a larger vocal range and an extended vocal volume are the goals of this work. Classes are suitable for beginner and advanced levell.

lessons with your own accompanying instrument:

my lessons include functional playing on piano, guitar or string instruments if needed or even a bassoon . The prerequisite for this is your own instrument and basic instrumental knowledge (keyboard is available). Either to accompany oneself and sing and accompany with more ease or out of interest to play the instrument more physiologically, also to accompany therapeutic measures.


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