vocal coaching

After 12 readings in 4 days no sign of hoarseness in my voice. Thank you Julia Döbele ♥“ Tina Zang, author

“Julia has a unique blend of knowledge about the mechanics of the voice along with a knowledge of nervous system issues related to the voice. She is also a very intuitive healer who grounds all of her sessions from a very healing and spiritual place. Her unique gifts have helped me tremendously heal a vocal issue that is neurological. She has given me a deeper understanding of the inner workings of my voice/neurological system and how to free my voice of the constraints of illness. I can not image a better coach to help me through my difficult struggle.”  Cathy Merkel-Roddy, professional singer and founder of @revealthehealing, USA

„Being a singer of a rock band thus having high expectations towards my voice, being resilient, high in performance and powerful, I found Julia to be a vocal coach, who has connected to me on an plain that I had just not expected. The words “performance/endurance” and “sturdyness” have been replaced and redefined by her sensitive work into “ease” and “inner stablity”. I call that a new “mode”, which has opened up new doors for me on a sound/tone level and in my musical expression in my singing. The latter not necessarily on a mechanical level, but in a casual/incidental way, which has til then, not been part of my repertoire. More than that, Julia to me is an absolut trust worthy and caring personality – a chemistry that makes it easy for me, to go to my voice lessons with joy.” Daniel Figueras, singer of the band amphonic‘

„On the second day of the worksop, I curiously tried out exercises that I had never dared to do befor.” Elka

“When I started singing lessons with Julia, I was still a beginner. Right after I started my life went on a big roller coaster ride, which I had to learn to deal and cope with. At that time and beyond Julia’s appreciative and caring vocal training let me transend new borders and at the same time gave me huge inner stability. Suprisingly my voice did not harden, but became more flexible, richer in nuances and grand, my voice surprised me on a regular basis. Adding to all that, Julia’s work added a great treasure of self determination, self awareness and a respectufull way of living assertiveness, all this will accompany me threw my life.” Josefin, amateur singer

„I am a psychologist and psychotherapist and  a colleague gifted me the lesson. On the one hand I liked the idea, that it was about developing my own voice and on the other hand it was just WOW what happened in those lessons. I developed an awareness of my vocal organ in a new way and was able set it free. With interesting and very strange tools I could refine my voice and for me the most important:  when emotions came up, even old trauma, Julia was an ideal companion and supporter. At all times I knew I was in safe hands, even though Julia is no psychotherapist. Chapeau! Especially for this, Julia: thanks a lot!!! You are worth your weight in gold! Thank You!! All over I did a lot of laughing, I shed a couple of tears and I could take so much with me…we had a great time! Once again Julia, thank you. Good to know you.“ psychologist and amateur singer

„My name is Isabell, it’s been the second time already, that I participated in a workshop with Julia in Forum3 e.V.. Once more I am enthused about Julia’s work with the Lichtenberg® Mehtod, cuz this method does not only color the workshop but also it impacts my everyday work, my own handling with my voice in everyday life. Working with Julia is an enrichment and it is quickly obvious, that it is not about some “artificial” perfection of the voice, but to find the access to ones own voice. That entails sometimes to find the courage to face oneself, cuz one is shaped by comparisons to others in everyday life etc and tends much to be scared or just plain having been shaped by life. Julia  builds a safe space with lots of sensitiveness that allows “relaxation”, where every voice gets their own space at their own individual pace. It is especially empowering to feel ones own “Foundation”. I would have never thought, I would be able to sing in higher pitches. thank you for this experience. In addition I profit of Julia’s exercises when acting. It gives me relaxation, accompanied by constant vocal endurance. Thanks to you and your wonderful humor. It is much fun to work with you!” Isabell,  participant of a workshop at the Forum3

„My massage therapist asked me to check out voice training in order to help with my back tension and my therefor faulty breathing technique. I had made a pact to never sing! Didn’t last long. Thanks to Julia’s charming and sensitive manner, I actually forced out some sometimes off key singing sounds out’a my throat. The force got less with every lesson and the voice grew lighter, the sound more voluminous and more varied. Even the range grew, especially the treble improved. Breating regulated it self while exploring my voice, without focusing on it. And that is how I went from “I have to” to “I may” and then to ability. Julia’s genuine  way of being, her being totally uncomplicated combined with the ability to see with the ears and to hear with the heart, made this developmental process very easy for me. Thank you for everything and warmly feel the need to record her.” Jochen F., office guy