„Being a singer of a rock band thus having high expectations towards my voice, being resilient, high in performance and powerful, I found Julia to be a vocal coach, who has connected to me on an plain that I had just not expected. The words “performance/endurance” and “sturdyness” have been replaced and redefined by her sensitive work into “ease” and “inner stablity”. I call that a new “mode”, which has opened up new doors for me on a sound/tone level and in my musical expression in my singing. The latter not necessarily on a mechanical level, but in a casual/incidental way, which has til then, not been part of my repertoire. More than that, Julia to me is an absolut trust worthy and caring personality – a chemistry that makes it easy for me, to go to my voice lessons with joy.” Daniel Figueras, singer of the band amphonic‘

After 12 readings in 4 days no sign of hoarseness in my voice. Thank you Julia Döbele ♥“ Tina Zang, author

“When I started singing lessons with Julia, I was still a beginner. Right after I started my life went on a big roller coaster ride, which I had to learn to deal and cope with. At that time and beyond Julia’s appreciative and caring vocal training let me transend new borders and at the same time gave me huge inner stability. Suprisingly my voice did not harden, but became more flexible, richer in nuances and grand, my voice surprised me on a regular basis. Adding to all that, Julia’s work added a great treasure of self determination, self awareness and a respectufull way of living assertiveness, all this will accompany me threw my life.” Josefin, amateur singer