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prices for vocal coaching one on one, live or online

Book a first free first contact session!

HIER direkt KOSTENLOSES ERSTGEPRÄCH ausmachen! BOOK a FIRST APOINTMENT Thank you, I’m really looking forward to connecting!


first tryout session:
ca 45 Min/55,-€

single classes one on one:
50Min /92,-€
cancelation 48hrs prior

Audition & Casting Vorbereitung:
starting at 150,-/session (75-90 min)

Semester contracts:
every other week 115,-€/mtl. (50min. min. 9 sessions a semester)
Semester start April 1st / October 1st and end und March 31st/ September 30th, cancelkation  6 weeks prior end of semster. Starting any time possible. Semester contract cancelations are 1 week in advance.

5x50Min 425,-€
10x50Min 800,-€
cancelations 48 hrs in advance 

If you wish other modalities, please feel free to contact me!

Please cancel all classes on time and via celly (+49-178-553 70 88) thank you!
Except my US clients, they may use email, thank you!

My prices are based on the Honorarstandards (fee standards) of my business association, the Deutscher Tonkünstlerverband.
1.1.2022 (all other offerings become invalid)