using the VOICE as a  COMPASS

vocal work+ that leads one self to a fulfilled personal and business life

I offer Personal Coaching connected to vocal work – I view the voice as a compass, you might be searching for a new goal, or feel the need to review your sense in life, or you are looking to get into better contact with yourself.
Empowerment threw voice training.
self-awareness and attentiveness is the basis of my vocal work, that let you attain you to your personal goals.
Certified threw the Lichtenberger® Method.
Authenticity achieved threw vocal work.
Applied vocal physiology, body work and somatic recourse and experiential work.
Stressprevention and Stressmanagement tackled with vocal-psycho-kinesiology, amongst others.
Vocal development always is personal development and the other way around. The voice never lies. The body always tell what is.

Personal coaching and personal development tackled with BEAUTY: cuz there is a wonderful voice inside of every one, we just need to to set it free! 

My personal, process oriented Method of personal coaching:
Doing vocal work, we may experience blockades, those might want to be dissolved. In my personal coaching sessions, I use methods that “dissolve” those blockades with different kinds of techniques, I have practiced in my 20 year experience of teaching voice. This is what guides me when working with people:
free will, personal decision making, and autonomy
and a 
manipulative free environment 

Giving and holding room
for sorrows, pain, fears and anxieties and of course wishes is a natural component of my work.

Knowledge about food, health questions, body work, meditation and psychology belong to my working tools, every thing may play a role and may need to be acknowledged. I personally practice the anti bias apprioach in my word and my thinking, I practice critical whiteness, all because a healthy connection to people is important to me.

A personal coaching session with me may look differently for every one, individual approach is what leads me. Sometimes I use reiki, sometimes psycho-kinseiology, sometimes techniques coming from systemic therapy. It depends on what is needed to solve the blockade but also on what the clienent is interested in. What all have in common is: what is, may be,  judgement stays out of the equation. As a coach I give advice, I accompany you, give feedback, I do not want or am able to replace psycho therapy. For those interested in my studies and continuing schooling my take a look here: voilá.



legal disclaimer:
My work is training, prevention, vocal hygiene, advice, authenticity training, destressing, stress prevention, vocal-psycho-kinesiology, health coaching and Meine Arbeit ist Training, Prävention, Stimmhygiene, Beratung, Authentizitätstraining, Entstressung, Stressprävention, Stimm-Psycho-Kinesiologie, Gesundheitscoaching und encouragement. It doe not replace going to a MD, psychiatrist, psychologist or therapist. I am not practicing Medizin or the art of healing, I don not promise health or healing. My clients see me on their own  account and on their own responsibility, my work wishes to strengthen their autonomy and personal responsibility. The latter is the focus of my work.

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