licenced by the Lichtenberg® Method

vocal work:

practical body work with body awarenes/ body perception, (tone production etc.)
vocal capacity and placement
tissue behaviour in a vibratory sense/differentiation of vibrations and intonation
extending the vocal range
vocal training for all styles
stylistic expression
awareness of sound parameters
mic work

work on the repertoire:

pop music, jazz, show tunes, funk, soul, rock and all forms of crossover and klassical music (choral music)
practicing songs
interpreting songs
preparation for concerts
development of a repertoire
prep for auditions and image consulting
sense of rhythm
work on stage presence as well as bandcoaching

singing classes and self accompanyship:

want to learn how to sing and accompany yourself on guitar or piano (or any other string instrument)? I teach functional playing on instruments with piano, guittar and other string instruments,  my classes ma be taken mein Unterricht beinhaltet bei Bedarf funktionales Spielen auf Klavier, Gitarre oder Streichinstrumenten. Requirement is own instrument (piano available) and basic instrument skills.

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