or why I call myself a gold digger

You might ask yourself, why do I post so much about feminism, racism, gender mainstreaming or copy right and cultural policies on a site all about voice and voice training? To me, having a voice, is something that makes us human. We sing with it, we make music and on top of that, we may give room to our thoughts and feelings with it. People hear in what kind of psychological or physical state we are in, when we speak. Feminism, racism, gender mainstreaming or copy right have little voice in a neoliberal world. I like to give them some room here.

For every single persons voice is and can be an empowerment tool. In order to act attentively with others and one self, one needs to broaden ones view, the systemic situation of one self and others is helpful to understand different positions of perspectives but also helps with self care. For that, we just might need basics on feminism, racism and policies or the socio economic realities of art.

Copy right, specifically German copy right, is to me, one of democracies pillars. It makes free speech and unabridged freedom of expression possible and shapes society with that tool. It is the basis for a free art scene, in which all works of art are protected, no matter from whom. It gives protection to the ones owning copy right (German Urheber*innen) and with that, protects the art itself. When we look into history, we might want to take a look at “entartetet Kunst”  (so called degenerate art), a whole group of artists, speaking their truth, that were banned and shunned in the name of fascism. “A person can only be as free, as their neighbor is free.” that is what someone very smart said some day.

Freedom of speech is a high good. It is the soil for our democracy. Art may be the one thing able to pay critique, to say the unspeakable, to say the unheard. We need not discharge criticizing capitalism because of it. I find criticizing capitalism a vital and important thing.

Human rights are something all the topics I turn to have in common. Human rights are something that may only happen, evolve and be created in respecting the freedom of others. A human voice often shows us the degree of freedom some one is in, in that specific moment. Freedom, maybe even salvation of a voice, it may be our orientation on freedom of movement, flexibility, as much psychologically as physically. It may show us the freedom of being truly individual. To be human. To have dignity. The German “Grundgesetz” (constitution) says so in its first article: “…dignity of people is inviolable.” This dignity is not thinkable without freedom, the freedom of being an individual. To me, the voice is one of humans ways shown us what dignity is all about. So let that voice shine!

Everybody is situated in a social context and with that the persons nervous system is in that context. If we manage to openly encounter that context, we may reflect and with that we create the possibility to grow in our consciousness, also on a nervous-system-level. It is a form of urning freedom. With that piece of freedom, our system has the opportunity to relax, reorganize. The nervous system may let go of old patterns easier, when we realize the socioeconomic systems we are “embedded” in. On top, we will be able let go of the “anchors” when we are able to identify them. Hence the nervous system may swing into new, more freer movements and possibilities.  Critical whiteness and queer, intersectional feminism, both are important parts of me being able to stay self-reflected. It’s like digging up treasures!

I say the nervous system actually asks for awareness and for Aufklärung. The human nervous system reacts to all triggers, no matter, if we know of them, or not! So the resilience of the nervous system is something that grows in my work. To be able to evolve. -> A greater stability, growing resilience of the nervous system, a eu-tonizing of the system is the goal of my vocal work. Be it with myself or with you. That is why I am not able to postpone the expansion of my consciousness (it is already limited), because the people I work with, live, create, make music, are so divers, just as life is. That is why balance in the nervous system and awareness-work are not separable to me. Very down to earth, physiologically. And with that the questioning is all prejudices. Self-reflection as basis for my physiological vocal work, for my artistic work, for me being human.

We re able to school our self very practically with functional vocal work and connect it to the systemic/political/societal/cultural/democratic. Vocal work as Empowerment. Singers formants and pulsation a.k.a. vibrato, are the system own self regulators, our consciousness, when it is expanded, supports the self regulation process of the voice. Together we can free the voice and find ourselves. Via empathy towards presence.

A heartfelt invite!